Without realising it, February has slowly crept half way through. Usually i would say, where has the time gone? The schedule for the past month felt more hectic than usual. I actually felt good to be productive and made good use of my time.

I started the year with my a list of resolutions and i am not sure if it is because i felt the urge to do more now that i feel healthier or because subconsciously i know it’s my last year to exit my 20s with a bang, i am being more productive than usual.

I actually managed to do tick a few off my resolution list but i want to make sure i stick with it long enough first.

be productive be efficient

Began to jog outdoors

I searched for a workout regime that doesn’t require me to sign up for a gym. Reason being that i always ended up not sticking it to the end and just stopped going to the gym! Kayla Itsine’s BBG workout requires you to do Resistance workouts (from home) and LISS/HIIT which i can do outdoors. I have also learned to jog outdoors which i always dread but surprisingly with a compression kit, it wasn’t that cold. But then again, the weather has been great for me lately (i jinxed myself, it started hailing when we ran yesterday!).

be productive be effective

going for walks in the countryside

We also joined a Walking Group in January since we both enjoy walking in the countryside. I want to do more of it but right now, it seems hard to juggle and be productive with so many things i want to do!

be productive be effective

enjoyed our 7 mile walk

Weather was great, not windy and the sun was blessing upon us the whole time we were outdoors.

Complying with my resolution list, I read at least a book a month now that i have joined a book club! Haha, it seems little but it’s actually a good way to ease back into the habit of reading now. I was decluttering the house the other day and counted that i had 16 brand new books i bought and never got around to read them. Time to get cracking!

be productive be effective

baking for chinese new year – pineapple tarts

Managed to squeeze in some baking practice for Chinese New Year too. We don’t get many choices of Chinese New Year cookies in Manchester despite having a huge Chinatown. Or should i say, we don’t get much Chinese New Year cookies from Malaysia here. So i sought to make some myself.

be productive be effective

Chinese New Year cookies – Pineapple tarts

Not bad for a first attempt! I went on to bake 2 more times after because the pineapple tarts were too good to resist. Probably made Alex a wee bit too happy because he loves pineapple tarts 🙂

be productive be effective

lazy Baxter

Ended January with a quick visit to London to meet a friend from home! Was such a lovely reunion and i love that even though we are far away from each other, when we meet we are still the same as we were 14. Cat picture above because we were cat-sitting for her cousin in London haha!