DIY Homemade Christmas Decorations

Christmas is hands down my favourite season to DIY. There’s just so many things to do. I wish I have more time for it actually …  I saved some inspiration on Pinterest and Craftgawker a few weeks ago so I could create some DIY homemade christmas decorations for home. I saw this on Craftgawker actually and thought it was too cute to pass.

diy homemade christmas decorations

If you are looking to make some of these DIY homemade christmas decorations, check out the link above. The instructions from Wallflowerkitchen is very easy to follow and you only need felt, embroidery thread, ribbon and filling (assuming you have needle and scissors).

DIY homemade christmas decorations

I picked up this roll of ribbons from Flying Tiger when we were in Florence without having anything in mind for it. But hey ho, it fits well with the felt decoration.

DIY homemade christmas decorations

It was really easy to make so I made extra to give to our friends.

DIY homemade christmas decorations

I have been seeing a lot of minimalistic wreath on Pinterest. I was pretty sure I had some embroidery hoops that were collecting dust in our storage room and we saw some holly sold in town.  Just like the felt decoration, I already had a lot of the things that were needed.

DIY homemade christmas decoration

Attempting to create a wreath for the first time. Save to say I have gained some useful floral experience from creating our floral piece for our wedding with my bride’s squad.

DIY homemade christmas decoration

Christmas wreath, not too shabby I reckon.


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