Summer days in UK

Summer days in UK is well and truly over here with grey skies and rain being the norm now. I am already starting to feel the chill in the morning and the drafts from the window.

I just wanted to do a summary post before we had into autumn/winter. We had such a busy summer with work and all but ended it with a good break in Portugal.

Summer days in UK

We went to Brighton in May for our 10th anniversary.

We started with a trip to Brighton. It is one of my favourite places in the UK and probably one of the reasons why I adapted well living here. I have such fond memories of first arriving here more 13 years ago and going to sixth form college.

We haven’t been back for a few years and when Alex suggested going to Brighton to celebrate our 10th year, I didn’t think twice.

Summer in the UK

If you ask anybody who knows me well, they will tell you I am really bad with directions. Even with google maps. So I was surprised when my body and feet remembered the little streets I used to wander with my friends.

Summer days in UK

One of the things we really enjoy but just can’t seem to find the time to do is walks. We love walks in the countryside and being in Manchester, it’s like a gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and just an hour away from Hebden Bridge.

Summer days in UKSummer days in UK

It’s one of those, let’s-just-go moments for a walk and also to spot bluebells.¬†Sometimes it’s just good to take a short break just to recharge. Escape from hustle bustle in the city and just be with nature.

Summer days in UK

We also spent a day in Whitby in summer.¬†Our jobs require us to visit a destination in UK each Saturday during summer. It’s safe to say we have covered quite a bit of the country. I have yet to explore the Northumberland area so that’s definitely on the list.

Summer days in UK

As mentioned on Instagram, I love this picture a lot. It reminded me a lot of my childhood and because my family trade is fishing nets, this made me miss my hometown very much.

I grew up up going to the beaches a lot and going fishing. Fishing is a hobby that I do a lot with my dad and when we do have children, it’s something I do wish to share with them.

Summer days in UK

Another place we have been to countless times is the Lake District. This time we were in Bowness-on-Windermere and Ambleside. It always lovely to spend some summer days in the Lakes – boats and ice cream, what’s not to like.

Summer days in UK

We do forget that it does get really crowded during summer with not just tourists from out of town but from other countries too.

Summer days in UK

Over summer, Manchester made headlines in the news unwillingly. The terrible incident robbing off 22 innocent lives and at what was the most innocent and everyday life thing to do, music concert with so many children.

Summer days in UK

I remember waking up to messages from Asia asking if I was okay and I haven’t even registered what had happened. We went to St. Ann’s Square to remember the victims and it was all just too heartbreaking to see the pictures of the young girls, mums, aunts and concert-goers in the sea of flowers and balloons.

Just realised how messy this post is! Never mind will do better next time.

I also did a little video to sum it our summer! I film a lot on the go and it did scare me a few months back when I thought I had lost all our memories with the hard drive. Definitely given me a push to do more videos.

Also will doing quite a few throwbacks on our travels because I do feel l am slowly forgetting details about them!


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