About Me


My name is Linda. I was born and grew up in Malaysia before moving to the UK when I was 17. Now, I live in Manchester, UK with my husband, Alex.

We get asked this a lot: Why on earth would you choose to leave the gorgeous hot tropics in Borneo and come to where it is always wet and rainy? Simple. I love the cold. We both do. So it wasn’t long before we embraced and accepted Manchester as our home with open arms.

I do miss my hometown a lot. Kuching is the capital city of my state, Sarawak. Some people will know it as Borneo. It is wonderful in so many ways: the food, the people and the outdoors. So home is there and home is here too.


Having come across the quote on a poster in Copenhagen, it’s something that we both wholeheartedly agree on and try to do so in our everyday life. So much so that I have long neglected this blog and all social medias. Having said so, I would very much like to look back and remember all the experiences we had. Here is my attempt in trying to document all that!

We enjoy travelling and meeting new people. The best way to learn about a culture is through food so you could say we are big foodies. When we are not eating or exploring, I enjoy allotment gardening and he enjoys cooking.

Other than that, I enjoy cups of tea during those long cold months here, going for walks when the weather permits and getting creative with home decorating.

I enjoy taking photos and most of the photos (occasionally videos) here are my own if not stated otherwise. They are strictly not permitted to be used elsewhere.

If you would like to drop me a message, please send it to thedreamtravellers@gmail.com