This is my list of resolutions i want to try to accomplish this year in 2015.

Now that i am healthier this year, i can’t wait to make plans or resolutions for 2015! When you list down resolutions, in some ways it drives you to want to accomplish then. Or at least, i feel that way 🙂

Make realistic resolutions and when you have achieved them, pat yourselves on your back for it.

2015-resolutionsCr: Kayla Itsines Instagram

I have spent a huge part of my 20s being ill and very unfit. I really want to exit my 20s and welcome my 30s being healthy and fit. So yes to more exercise in 2015!

As i was misdiagnosed for having endometriosis, i went on a gluten free, dairy free and caffeine free diet last year. It went better than expected and i felt more energised and most importantly less abdominal pains then. I am still dairy free and caffeine free because i feel much better without them and have introduced back gluten. It’s all about eating right to maintain a well being.


           Cr: Headspace

If you find that your brain is constantly buzzing about and worrying a little way too much, you are probably like me. And sometimes it’s hard to shut down and enjoy the present. I was inspired by the book “Get Some Headspace”  written by the founder and created of the Headspace app, Andy Puddicombe. Headspace is not about shutting away your thoughts but embracing them and living your life in the moment. It links very much to my overall resolution of just being happy 🙂


I love reading and somehow just happened to stop reading for the past few years.   I actually have a pile of books that i have bought and not read *guilty. So, hoping to read more in 2015 and got even more books because i just couldn’t resist!


I can’t wait to do more sewing and crafting. I really enjoy making things and doing more of it can improve my skills. That applies very much to Photoshop and Illustrator, both which i want to build up on.


And more to baking! Christmas is my favourite time to bake, so many choices to do!

There’s more to just improving myself and for me to be happy. I do realised i haven’t been great in being there for friends for the past few years. I went through a very recluse stage of just keeping to myself and family. But, it’s really not right. So here’s my attempt to make it right 🙂

Follow my blog with BloglovinSunset a Skaftafell, Iceland
I came to a conclusion that there isn’t a perfect time to start blogging again. There’s always the “too busy with work” or “too busy with Christmas”. Now that Christmas is over, i really don’t have much excuses left.

With only two days left in 2014, at least i can say better late than never!

I have to be honest, back in January i wasn’t looking forward to 2014 with 2012 and 2013 being terrible years for me as i had lost my dad to cancer and i have been battling with illnesses and surgeries. But when you have hit so low, there really isn’t that much lower you can get (though i clearly wasn’t this optimistic then!).

Drive around Iceland

 Jan 2014 – Road trip around Iceland

Since the year is ending, it’s a probably a good time to recap on travels and other bits and bobs of 2014.

We started out 2014 with a long booked trip to Iceland in January. The trip alone deserves its own post! Alex and i both fell in love with Iceland from incredibly friendly locals to amazing sights in the mountains and countrysides. It has become one of our favourite countries and would love to return the next time during summer for more adventures!

During the weekends, if we are not venturing into markets in Manchester, we like to explore the UK. Despite having been there many times, we went to Edinburgh again in February and to Cotswolds in April for the first time. Alex surprised me by finishing the trip with a last stop at Downton Abbey, oops i meant Highclere Castle 😉

CotswoldsApril 2014 – Cotswolds


IMG_5667April 2014 – Highclere Castle

It was a great experience being a huge Downton fan and seeing it all come alive. No pictures were allowed inside but it was still good.

Knowsley Safari Park May 2014 – Knowsley Safari Park

Managed to squeeze in a day out at the Safari and strawberry picking at Kenyon Hall Farm before being house bound post surgery!

Allotment UK

July 2014 – Received our allotment plot, 38C

Not about travel but quite an important bit of 2014 for us: We finally received a plot after waiting for 4 years! There were 3 choices of plot to choose from but we chose the smallest as both us are new in gardening and it is a huge responsibility. If we get better, it’s never too late to expand! Can’t wait to grow more and for the plot to look all green with vegetables, fruits and flowers, so excited!

Whitby Travel UKAugust 2014 – Whitby

Travel UKAugust 2014 – York

Whitby and York are also two places we have been before but it was still great to explore both cities and having fresh fish and chips in Whitby.

WensleydaleAugust 2014 – Wensleydale

Also not our first time here, but you can’t go wrong at Yorkshire Dales. My brother was up in Manchester for the bank holiday so we decided to bring him to Wensleydale and Haworth. We were blessed with such a good weather on both visits. Yorkshire dales is always so picturesque and quaint. Of course, we picked up some cheese from the creamery, yum!

Travel UKSeptember 2014 – Bath

The last time we went to Bath was a few years back so i thought it was high time we gave the city another visit. I always find Bath so pretty and i just can’t say no to the thermal spa each time i am there 🙂

Travel UK
October 2014 – Malaysia for big brother’s wedding

Zipwiring North WalesNovember 2014 – Zipwiring over Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales

Alex enjoys the outdoor activities very much and he inspires me to do more of it. Our colleagues have gifted him on this experience and he bought another for me. I was really nervous during the drive there but i think being strapped in and flying off took all the fears away. There were 2 zip wires: small zipper and big zipper. The big zipper goes across the quarry which has an incredible view from up above.

Skipton December 2014 – Skipton and Haworth

Though Manchester has a lot of christmas markets and is one of the largest ones in Europe, we also like to visit other smaller markets during the festive season. There were plenty of local delights to buy and there was a bakery stall in Skipton where Alex went crazy for all the amazing and very affordable cakes.

I was actually going to say we should do more travelling next year but having done the recap, 2014 travels wasn’t too shabby after all. I do look forward to 2015 with more travels, crafting and the allotment!

Haworth Travel UK

See you in the new year 🙂